This is summer

In ‘This is summer’ an A-list celebrity is invited to an idyllic outdoor location. Together with your top talkshow host, the celebrity looks back on the summers of his youth. What did he do during the summer holidays, which seemed to last forever? How does he like to spend his summers today? At which point does he find himself in life and what does the upcoming year look like?

Every celebrity can invite one special guest: someone he admires, a person he has a special connection/bond with or simply someone who deserves to be on television for what he has accomplished.

The show is taped on different locations, the scenery changes weekly. It can be a touristy hotspot or a hidden gem. Music from a live band provides the ideal melody for your own wandering thoughts. The idyllic location, beautiful music and good company create the perfect setting for pleasant but honest conversations. Get ready for a trip down memory lane and reflection on life as it has been, and life as it will be.

Unique features

– Insight
Your A-list celebrity provides insight into his private life. What’s his attitude in life? How does he manage his career/critics/personal life? What did his youth look like? He also shows some private holiday pictures.

– Reflection
The stories make you reflect on your own life. What is important to you? How was your own youth? Was it very different?

– Ordinary Joe
At the end of the show, you feel like you have gotten to know someone as a person. He may be extraordinary simple or extravagant, but you get to know the person behind the celebrity. You will always be able to relate with (a certain aspect of) his story.

Specifics of the original show

Original title: Het zomert met

Duration: 12 episodes, 50 minutes

Timing: aired on Eén in a daily slot, Monday – Thursday at 9:20 PM

Original host: Bruno Wyndaele

Original band: Isolde Lasoen, Patrick Riguelle, Gwen Cresens, Karla Verlie

Original cast: Bart Peeters, Karen Damen, Dina Tersago, Martin Heylen, Jani Kazaltzis, Tine Embrechts, Fatma Taspinar, Imke Courtois, Alex Agnew, Leen Dendievel, Lieve Blancquaert and Dieter Coppens