Eternal Glory

In a quest for ‘Eternal Glory’ 11 top former sports stars, men and women of all ages and disciplines spend a month together in a villa on location. All are prize winners in their own sport, but what else are they good at? Who has more than one talent? Who is the super sportsman among them? Medallist, Olympic champion, man or woman, the older, the legendary cyclist or the younger, recently retired footballer? In ‘Eternal Glory’ all compete on even terms. All disciplines mixed together in an unparalleled titanic struggle. Who is most versatile? Unbeatable? Who will reach the top, both as a sportsman and a person? Is it the swimmer, the boxer or the high jumper? The footballer?  Or even the skier?

As top sportsmen and women they, of course, all have a winner’s mentality. We see big emotions, stress release, conflicts, but also plenty of hilarious situations, unforgettable moments and new friendships, as we follow their triumphs and their failures, and their ups and downs, as they spend their free time living in close quarters with their friends – and rivals.

Finally only one will emerge triumphant, achieving Eternal Glory.

Series 1 launched in Belgium in 2008 was an immediate success. Series 3 Belgium launched Autumn 2012

From 2008 on, the format Eternal Glory travelled internationally.

7 hugely successful series in Sweden on SVT1 with audiences of up to 2.5 million. 8 th season coming up.

7 smash hit series in Norway with over 1 million viewers, 8th series coming up.

A series in the Netherlands, in Finland on MTV3 and in Denmark on TV 2.

A first series in the UK in 2015.

A first series in Germany in 2016 on the VOX network.

Eternal Glory is by now a proven format.

Line production available