Bruno Wyndaele

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bruno Wyndaele (°1965) started his career in radio (Radio 1) and as a writer for magazines. His first steps as tv maker/host were with new commercial broadcaster SBS (VT4). In 1997 he joined new prodco Woestijnvis and was creator/host of hugely succesful shows: The Last Show, The Smartest Person, Man Bites Dog,... In 2004 he left Woestijnvis to found De Filistijnen (HH107). And with great success: Eternal Glory, The Bounty Hunters, Best Friends, Taste, The Stronger Sex,... rating hits in Belgium and abroad. Wyndaele still works as a creator and host and is as CEO in charge of HH107. 



    Jes Van Gaever

    Chief Creative Officer

    Jes Van Gaever (°1976) started her career with Flemish leading production company Woestijnvis in 1999. She soon became chief editor on The latest Show and The Smartest Person. In 2004 she joined DF Productions working as a producer and chief editor on Best Friends, Eternal Glory, The Bounty Hunters and The Stronger Sex. In 2011 she was chief editor of daily show The Monday Show on commercial network VTM. As a member of the board of DF Productions, she is involved in developing and creating new formats. Since 2010 she’s also leading international line productions and international development.