• 15|10|2010

    Renewed interest in Eternal Glory during the Mipcom in Cannes

    Two new territories have expressed strong interest in Eternal Glory during the Mipcom trade fair in Cannes. DF Productions is currently working on tailor made production proposals for both broadcasters. More news to follow shortly.

  • 15|10|2010

    Sweden and Norway wrap Eternal Glory 3 shootings

    The shooting of the third series of Eternal Glory, a back to back production between public broadcasters SVT and NRK, has been successfully wrapped. Both broadcasters are very happy with the cast and games that are introduced in the third series and are looking forward to broadcasting this new series of the DF Productions hit show.

    More on Eternal Glory here.

  • 15|10|2010

    New highs for The Monday Show

    On Tuesday October 5 The Monday Show had a record 699.000 viewers, the highest ratings since the start of the show on August 23. The Monday Show, a daily prime time studio show that focuses on local and international celebrities, is averaging over 31 % market share on Belgium’s leading commercial broadcaster VTM.

  • 15|10|2010

    Record summer for The Bounty Hunters

    The Bounty Hunters, the daily quiz format from DFProductions, has been breaking ratings records at a steady pace this summer. During its third season on leading Belgian broadcaster één the show has shown once more that it is the strongest summer show on air. Not only is it the best watched show in Belgium (this summer only beaten by the World Cup Final), but in its third season it succeeded in growing its ratings and market shares.

    On July 22 The Bounty Hunters scored an all time record 59% market share, crushing all opposition. But it got only better: on August 4 the show broke its  viewership record: 1,068 million viewers tuned in that night to watch the quiz, 50.000 more than its record (set in summer 2008). On  August 10, that record was shattered once more: 1,167 million viewers and the icing on the cake were the 1,239 million viewers on August 16! These are extraordinary numbers for a show broadcasted in the summer months, but the clever mix of quiz and humor brought in the crowds, even in the beautiful and hot summer of 2010. For more on The Bounty Hunters: click here.

  • 15|10|2010

    Huge ratings for Eternal Glory in Norway

    We just received the final ratings for the second series of Eternal Glory on NRK ( Norway).  And  once more Eternal Glory has proven to be an outstanding success,rating an average of over 1 million viewers and an average market share of 52%!
    The series ran for 10 episodes from March 6 till May 15. Although the show was moved to a new slot on a new day (Saturday) it succeeded in beating long time ratings winner The Farm quite comfortably. The final episode of Eternal Glory 2 rated 1,28 million viewers and got a series record breaking market share of 70,8%!
    It will come as no surprise that NRK has commissioned a third series for next year. This series will be produced back to back with the third series for SVT (Sweden).  If you would like to know more about Eternal Glory or the ratings success in Norway, please click here.