The Filistijnen Group has created and produced television shows since 2004. Among its biggest successes are Eternal Glory, Bounty Hunters and Best Friends.

Over the past ten years all shows have been created with the in house creative team. Most of them have at some point or other broken through the mythical barrier of one million (1000.000) viewers in a market of 6 million inhabitants.

Their first show ever was The Newest Quiz , hosted by Bruno Wyndaele.  Together with Friend or Foe, hosted by Thomas Vanderveken, it became an overnight success.

In 2005 the new show Best Friends, on public broadcaster Eén (VRT), became the first De Filistijnen show to break the one million viewers barrier.
In 2006, on Canvas, the second VRT channel, De Leeuw in Vlaanderen premiered, a culture show hosted by Dutch singer Rick De Leeuw.

In 2008 De Filistijnen had a new ratings success with Eternal Glory, on één. The high production value and subsequent get noticed in other territories.  Public broadcasters SVT in Sweden and NRK in Norway produce their Eternal Glories, with huge success. In 2014 both networks are producing their 6th and 7th series, with market shares up to 70%. Eternal Glory has also been produced in The Netherlands, Finland and Denmark.

The Bounty Hunters, a fun daily quiz show, debuts in the summer of 2008 on Eén and quickly becomes a hugh succes, averaging over 50% market share and reaching more than 1,2 million viewers. Now in it's seventh series, it's one of the stakeholders of the national network Eén, still scoring more than 50% daily. The network average is 31%.

In 2010 two brand new shows air for commercial broadcaster VTM: The Monday Show, a daily prime time magazine about local and international celebrities, and The Stronger Sex, a celebrity game show trying to answer the question: who is the stronger sex? The Stronger Sex was an instant success with ratings up to 35%, upping the channel average with 10%. In 2014 The Stronger sex gets its first international version in Norway on TV2. Again, from it's first episode, upping the market share of the channel. The 28,9% share was the best première since 2003 in the channels history.

In 2012 DF Productions launches a new program on Eén, Taste. A food show that steers away from food and yet leaves the public mouth wathering. An authentic road movie about real food.

Het SpiegelpaleisIn 2013 The Hall of Mirrors aired on Eén, a brand new prime time entertainment quiz. Revealing who knows most about their compatriots, their likes, dislikes, habits and preferences. The Hall of Mirrors was recorded in the Flemish Parliament, an all time first.

The Filistijnen Group works with different names: originally De Filistijnen, then De Filistijnen Productions, aka DF Productions. Now the production capacity lies with newly founded prodco HH107, named after the adress of the offices, Huart Hamoirlaan 107, 1030 Brussels. The format rights are held by sister company TV4mats. The Filistijnen Group is owned by Bruno Wyndaele and Jessica Van Gaever, both experienced producers, editors and creators of innovating content for television.

In 2010 HH107 joined forces with productions companies De Mensen and Woestijnvis and founded the distribution company The New Flemish Primitives. TNFP is the only distributer for  Flemish formats, content and ready mades.

Since 2014 HH107 is mainly working internationally on the format Eternal Glory. New terretories have been added. Eternal Glory is now an international proven format and has been aired in the terretories of UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark.

In Belgium new series have aired of The Bounty Hunters (7 seasons), Best Friends (5 seasons), Eternal Glory (4 seasons) and The Club (2 seasons).